Rebooter Support and Discussion Group

Welcome to Rebooter Support! This weekly group meeting is designed to be a regular and reliable place to check in and recalibrate yourself along recovery. Here you can find support, pose questions, share what’s going on in your life, and perhaps find some healing-focused friendships. Rebooter Support is not group coaching or a replacement for coaching or therapy, both or either of which can be very helpful in addition to a support group like this. Coaching is much more goal-oriented and structured, with readings, exercises, assignments, missions, tools, etc. You can learn more about personal coaching with me here.

This support/discussion group is different. Most of the meetings would just be us checking in, talking about how our journey is going, and posing questions for discussion. I’ll be guiding and moderating the calls and answering some questions, but you and the other participants will be doing most of the talking. I can also recommend exercises or readings if asked but won’t be assigning anything. It wouldn’t be important that the same people attend every time or that we’re all at similar points in recovery. What it provides is a safe place to open up and talk with people who will understand, a touchstone to stay mindful of your recovery path, and a network of potentially helpful contacts and accountability partners.

All meetings will be held using Zoom video conferencing software. You can download it here.

So how does a call go? After I lay out some guidelines we’ll start by taking turns introducing ourselves and checking in. You’ll tell us a bit about yourself, what brought you here, your goals, and how you’re doing in various aspects of your life. Once you’re done, you can tell the group whether you’re open to comments and questions and raise any questions or topics you’d like to discuss.

After everyone has had their turn, I’ll read a little piece of wisdom on recovery from Gifts of Recovery, and we’ll have a chance to discuss it. At the end of the hour, I’ll exit but leave the call open for anyone who wants to stick around and chat. Feel free to message each other and exchange contact information if you wish. This can be a good place to find allies for accountability software like Covenant Eyes. If someone you ask is not interested, though, move on and don’t take it personally.


Gifts of Recovery is a daily reader for those in recovery from sex or porn addiction. It’s packed with useful wisdom, and I highly recommend getting yourself a copy.

Rules and guidelines

  1. Participation. This is a discussion group, not a Q&A. If you’re here, you’re expected to participate. You don’t have to share more than you want, but you must at least introduce yourself.
  2. Privacy. If you don’t want to show your face, you can press the “stop video” button and just participate via audio. But if your camera is on, you can be seen. These meetings are not recorded or shared with anyone who’s not here right now, and I ask that each of you respect the others’ privacy.
  3. Punctuality. If you have to leave for any reason in the middle of a call, that’s no problem, but if you’re going to join us then please be there from the beginning. It can be disruptive to have new people join partway through a conversation.
  4. Be sure to MUTE yourself until it you want to speak to avoid background noise.
  5. This group is not psychotherapy, coaching, or a 12-step group. It’s for support and discussion and is not intended to be all you need in recovery. All of these things can have value, though, and you can find information on coaching here and on other forms of support here.
  6. Be considerate of time. If it’s a smaller group for the day then each person can take more time to speak, but if it’s a full group then please monitor yourself. I may interrupt and push things along if I see the need. I may also interrupt if we’re getting too off-topic or graphic.
  7. We are here to gain insight and support one another, not to judge each other or coach each other (and that includes me). We share our experience but do not tell others what to do here. It may so happen that all of us are quite similar in our struggles, history, and goals, or it may happen that we are very different. That’s OK. We’re each on our own journey. We’re here to listen and support, not push our values on each other.

How do I join?

You can pay for and access the group through Patreon. Simply pledge the $40/month option to the Noah B.E. Church page. You will be charged on the first day of the following month, which is also when you’ll be able to start joining the meetings. This way there are only changes in membership at the beginning of each month. The group dynamic will be more stable this way. We strive for each meeting to have no more than 10 people so that everyone has a chance to participate. Do not wait until the month when you want to participate starts before subscribing; you will have to wait until the following month to join if you do so.

As a Patreon bonus, you’ll also get the “rewards” associated with the lower tiers (if you want them). These include being credited by a name of your choice in my videos, receiving the ebook files for my book, and connecting on Twitter.

Currently, we have three meeting times.

  • Tuesdays at 3pm Pacific time
  • Thursdays at 10am Pacific time
  • Saturdays at 8:30am Pacific time

I look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions, you can email me a “”.