Email Consultation Instructions

Hi there, I’m glad to see you signed up for an email consultation! Email consultations are for getting answers to a few questions you have on specific aspects of rebooting, receiving feedback and advice on recovery strategy, etc. Email consultations are not comprehensive coaching, so please limit the scope of your questions to what I can answer in about 500-750 words. If you have more questions than you think will be appropriate for email, you’d probably benefit more from phone/Skype coaching, in which we have time to thoroughly review your situation and form a comprehensive plan for recovery. That said, when you write to me, the more important details you include related to your questions, the better I’ll be able to help you.

If this is your first consultation with me, please use the below form. If this is not your first consultation, just email me through our usual channels.

Carefully read the Acknowledgement of Coaching Services and Liability Waiver. You must agree to this waiver here in order to book any coaching services with Noah. If you have already paid and do not agree to these terms for whatever reason, contact Noah at '' for a full refund.

Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an email response from me within 5 business days. For now, I’ll link you to a PDF copy of my book, Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn. Among other things, it contains:

• A scientific exploration of Internet porn’s effects on its users
• An examination of how the rise of porn has influenced our culture
• Dozens of personal accounts of porn addiction and recovery (including my own)
• A complete, 13-step guide for those who would like to quit the porn habit and heal themselves of porn-induced symptoms
• An analysis of how parents must evolve to raise children in a pornified world

It’s the most complete launch pad I could provide to empower people to make their own informed choices and change their lives for the better. I highly recommend giving it a read.