Gary Wilson’s “Your Brain on Porn” review

One of the most important and timely books you’ll ever read—apart from my own, of course. 🙂

Gary Wilson, creator of “”, has synthesized the most important information on his website into this easy-to-read ebook.

I wish this book had been available ten years ago when I was first falling prey to this addictive cycle, but I am so grateful that Gary Wilson dedicated himself to researching and writing about the problem of Internet porn addiction. I first read his work on “” almost a year before this book was published. His efforts helped wake me up to my addiction, take charge of my own life, and heal myself of sexual dysfunction. Wilson’s website is the place to go for the latest information on porn addiction research and recovery. The only problem is that it contains an intimidating amount of information that is easy to get lost in, so there was yet a need for a book that clearly and briefly explains the nature of Internet porn, how it can hurt its regular users, and how people can set themselves up for success in recovery. This is that book, and it delivers.

Your Brain on Porn is as thoroughly researched as it is well written. If you doubt anything you read here, the citation is readily available so that you can read the source material and decide for yourself. Even more memorable than the data, though, are the deeply personal accounts of porn users scattered throughout that demonstrate what a negative force porn can be.

Putting porn on the Internet is liking putting a lifetime supply of cigarettes into every living room in the modern world. Not everyone will take advantage of it, but those who do are likely to get addicted and lose themselves into a cycle of unhealthy habits that promises relief and relaxation but in the long run delivers pain and dysfunction. Knowledge is power, and this book can give you the power to recognize if you have a problem and then make it right.

Non-users, too, deserve this information. Much like second-hand smoke can harm a smoker’s loved ones over time, so too does a porn-user’s habit affect those who love him or her. Without even realizing it, porn’s promise of satisfaction can cause husbands to turn from their wives and fathers to withdraw from their children. Go deep enough into the rabbit hole and you lose sight of what really matters, neglecting ambitions, goals, relationships, and responsibilities to feed a hunger that only gnaws harder after each indulgence. Even if you have never seen pornography, read this book so that you can recognize the porn problem in others and help them to see it in themselves.

See it on Amazon here: Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction