Emergency Inspiration

MustNotFapYou’re probably here because you are experiencing a craving for porn, but you know that using porn is not what you truly want. It may feel as if your craving for porn or masturbation will just keep growing and growing until you have to give in, but this is an illusion. Craving comes in waves, and all you need to do to reach still waters again is to find a way to let the wave pass without being dragged under.


It will not always be this difficult, so don’t fixate on the imperative that you need to never watch porn again. But today–right now–is not the time to give in. You owe yourself the chance to clear your head and remember what you truly want. So just do something else for little while. Make a snack, call a friend, go for a run, juggle–anything that allows you to turn away from the top of that slippery slope you’re about to slide down. Slippery slope warning sign

While you’re doing so, take that time to think about the moments in your life when you were¬†really happy. What caused that happiness? Was it accomplishing something important to you? Was it having a first kiss with someone you really cared about? Was it helping others? I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t indulging in Internet porn. Am I right? I know that because, no matter how much momentary pleasure I got in my own time using Internet porn, I don’t have any cherished memories of doing so. Afterwards, I was never happy, only emptier and sad that I wasn’t experiencing real intimacy with someone else–and feeling farther away from what could really make me happy. Think about this, and decide. Decide what you want this moment, this day, this lifetime to be.

If you have given the wave enough time to pass, then your mind can be calm and clear like still water. If you still believe that porn is what you really want for yourself, then use it. Honestly, some people are able to use porn for fun without experiencing significant negative consequences. If you are here, however, reading this, then you have probably already realized that porn is a negative influence in your life, that porn takes your strength and ambition and sexuality and give you nothing in return but a few moments in which to lose yourself. And if you are trying to quit, then in those moments you will also lose the feelings of strength and accomplishment that you have accumulated, just to be replaced with shame and regret: a sacrifice of true satisfaction for the false promise of satisfaction. Choose, and for good or ill see your choice echo throughout the rest of your life.

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