Outside Resources

These are the best and most helpful resources that I have found while researching porn addiction. I’ll start with the video that opened my eyes to the Internet porn problem in the first place: Gary Wilson’s TED talk, The Great Porn Experiment.


      • The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonagall. McGonagall, a psychology professor at Stanford, brings her classroom to the page in this exploration of desire and self-control. She draws a variety of willpower strategies and tactics from the latest in willpower science and explains how you can apply these techniques to any “I will,” “I won’t,” or “I want” challenge in your life. A must read for those of us whose greatest enemy is ourselves.
      • Fortify. This text is directed specifically toward adolescents and teens who are struggling with a porn addiction. Authored by Fight the New Drug, an organization committed to educating and arming today’s youth against the dangers of Internet porn.
      • Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity by Mark Chamberlain and Geoff Steurer. This text addresses handling a pornography or cybersex addiction specifically within a committed relationship, including many inspiring stories of real couples and essential advice both for the addict and for the addict’s partner. With this book, couples have the power to access a deeper level of trust and intimacy than they have ever shared, leaving no room for porn.
      • The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan. Zimbardo, perhaps the nation’s most famous psychologist, reveals the alarming downward trend of males in the modern world, demonstrating how over-medication, over-parenting, addiction to video games and pornography, and other factors are contributing to our downfall.
      • Dirty Girls Come Clean by Crystal Renaud. Dirty is one of the few texts to focus on female porn addicts, and it is very valuable for sharing many women’s stories of addiction and recovery. Note that this book is written from a Christian perspective, which may turn away some readers.

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Gary Wilson reviews the physiological processes behind porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Gabe Deem, founder of Reboot Nation, describes the science behind porn addiction and his own struggle to quit porn and overcome porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

Former porn actress Jessie Rogers shares her revealing perspective on the hard realities of the porn industry and its hardships in an interview with Craig Perra. TRIGGER WARNING for explicit language.

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Online Support Communities

Your Brain Rebalanced” is a public forum for “Overcoming Pornography Addiction and Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction”, as well as all other problems related to compulsive porn use. This forum is an ever-growing and positive support community that includes general discussion as well as spaces for journals, success stories, female porn addicts, partners of porn addicts, etc.

NofapNoFap” is a community-focused website that challenges people to “partake in the ultimate challenge” by abstaining from masturbation for a determined amount of time. NoFap began as a small group of men who wanted to increase their motivation by keeping their hands out of their pants, but it has since incorporated recovery from porn addiction and now boasts more than 200,000 members on its Reddit forum.

Reboot Nation” is a secular community forum created by Gabe Deem for mutual support and information-sharing about pornography addiction, pornography-induced sexual dysfunction, and recovery.

Reuniting” is dedicated to exploring “the connections between sexual behavior, neurochemistry, and relationship harmony” and features a wealth of information and discussion about karezza, or coitus reservatus (sex without orgasm).

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Websites and Articles

YBOPBrainYourBrainOnPorn.com” is the single most complete resource for up-to-date information on all aspects of Internet porn addiction and recovery.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine’s “Public Policy Statement: Definition of Addiction” is a valuable read for anyone looking to understand the behaviors common to all addicts.

Pornhelp.orgis an unbiased, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for information about options for quitting porn and overcoming pornography addiction. Their mission is to make finding a path to quitting porn as simple and understandable as possible for anyone who wants to quit. They have an excellent compendium of resources for those seeking support, either through phone/Internet or local.

Visit PornAddictionTest.com for an easy-to-use questionnaire that will give you a good idea about whether addiction to porn may be an issue for you.


ABPlogoAdblock Plus” is a free extension for the free web browser Firefox. With it, you will no longer have to worry about pop-ups or banner ads triggering and distracting you. It makes the Internet a whole lot nicer.

Covenant-EyeslogoCovenant Eyes” is marketed as an Internet accountability tool more so than a content filter, though it does provide that service as well. Covenant eyes requires you to log into the software in order to access the Internet, and then it periodically sends reports of your online activity to whomever you select as an accountability partner. This way you still have the choice of indulging your online whims, but you will have to explain them later, and your trusted partner can know when you need help getting back on the right track. Covenant eyes now includes “screen accountability”, which screenshots whatever you are looking at, online or offline, in whatever app, and flags it if the software detects pornographic content, showing a blurred version to accountability partners, making it very difficult to circumvent the system. Covenant Eyes starts at $11.99 per month.

XBlocker” is a reliable adult content blocking software available across multiple platforms and devices.

Detoxify” is another porn-blocking app good for anyone who wants to make browsing safer for them.

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