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Would you be surprised to know that 78% of high school kids (boys and girls) regularly consume pornography? How about that among the boys who use, almost one in ten of them describe that use as an addiction?(1) Or that erectile dysfunction rates in men under 40 are now 14-33%, when less than twenty years ago they were 2-5%? (2)

This is an image from a Cambridge University study that shows how sensitization (a hallmark of addiction) occurs in problematic porn users. Over time, a consistent consumer of pornography can train their brain to react to that stimulus, resulting in powerful cravings and potential loss of control. (3)

Maybe you’re not surprised by this, because you have already realized that one major factor has changed in the last two decades, a factor that has altered the sexual template of our society in uncontrolled unexpected ways: the Internet.

The Internet has been instrumental in taking pornography from the taboo into the mainstream, allowing millions to access an unlimited (and mostly free) supply of porn and cybersex from the convenience of their own homes. And that’s what we do. Because porn is fun. Like…really, really fun! In fact, Internet porn is unnaturally fun, providing far more stimulating variety than we would ever encounter in real life. These sights trigger powerful neurological reactions, and over time consistent porn users undergo actual brain changes similar to those seen in alcoholics and gambling addicts, eventually developing one or more of many common and unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) and reduced libido for real partners
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner
  • Cravings for and emotional reliance on porn
  • Escalation to extreme sexual preferences or fetishes as tolerance increases and regular sex becomes boring
  • Emotional numbness and difficulty forming relationships
  • Social anxiety, depression, apathy, and “brainfog”
  • Sexual orientation obsessive compulsive disorder
Data demonstrating the correlation between pornography use and romantic separation (4)

Personally, I started using Internet porn around age 9, and I experienced several of the above symptoms for years before realizing what my problem really was. Since quitting porn at the end of 2013, I have healed from my porn-induced erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, and in the process I discovered that porn use had been restricting my full potential for happiness, relationships, personal achievement, and more.

While using, I never would have considered myself addicted to porn, but I was. Leaving it behind has been one of the best decisions of my life. When I first started having sexual problems and seeking answers in 2008, there was little to no information about porn’s potential for harm available anywhere, so it took far longer than it should have to recognize and deal with the source of my problems.

I can’t change my past, but I can give others the information that would have saved me a lot of suffering. On this site you will find information on how the porn habit can harm us, as well as articles, videos, and other resources that will help you or a loved one recover, reclaim your sexual identity, and become the best man or woman you can be.

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Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn includes:

  • A scientific exploration of Internet porn’s effects on its users
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  • Dozens of personal accounts of porn addiction and recovery (including my own)
  • A complete, 13-step guide for those who would like to quit the porn habit and heal themselves of porn-induced symptoms
  • An analysis of how parents must evolve to raise children in a pornified world

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Good luck. I hope you find what you need here.

-Noah B.E. Church