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Since you’re here on this website, you’re likely looking to better understand pornography addiction or pornography-induced dysfunctions, hear from those who have been there before you, find answers to specific questions, or get personal help and guidance. To read more about working with me personally, follow this link. For camaraderie and support, check out my Support and Discussion Group. If you want the most complete resource for guidance online, look into the two comprehensive courses I have made for you. For everything else, below are highlights of my work that should provide what you’re looking for. Of course, if you have not read my book then I recommend starting there. The PDF is available for free to my newsletter subscribers.

If you would like to see the complete index of my work instead of just highlights, follow this link.

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Essential Videos

This is my personal story of recovery from pornography addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction in late 2014.

This is a presentation I gave on the current scientific understanding of how pornography impacts the brain and how consistent use can result in addiction and sexual and emotional dysfunction.

And If you’re ready for a break from the heavy emotional unburdening and the hard science:

Addiction Recovery Information and Advice

Sexual Dysfunction Recovery Information and Advice

Relapse and Motivation

Success Stories

It helps a lot to see that others have been where we are and have made it to the other side. Here are some of those stories.


For most of us, a healthy sexual and romantic relationship is the goal. Here are various articles and videos on overcoming various obstacles to achieve just that.


Niche Topics

The broad strokes of addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunction recovery are often very similar and follow familiar patterns across the individuals I work with, but we all are unique and run into a variety of less common problems and questions. Here are some of the answers, as well as videos on topics not directly related to pornography use.



I have co-hosted two podcasts. The first, Your Brain Rebalanced Radio, rose out of early discussions on the porn recovery forum It was a place for discussion on various aspects of recovery, as well as interviews with guests like NoFap found Alexander Rhodes and Reboot Nation founder Gabe Deem. I started as a host in the second season. Here are links to all of the episodes:

The second is called Love People Use Things. Catholic apologist and anti-pornography speaker Matt Fradd started this podcast and brought me on as the atheist counterbalance. Links to all of my episodes are below, or listen to the full log of episodes, including Matt’s, at

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